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Therefore, in case of suspicion don't have to go to pay.

Ask the seller any other method of payment - for example through bank transfer from account to account.

Still, the criminals do not sit still, do not wait until you meet them. Therefore, they are "familiar" employees of banks and their using the data even can learn about your transaction itself.

On transfer, which you sent to yourself before you go to another country, not to take money with them.

At the moment some examples of fraudulent deception, when offered to pay for the goods payment for WU.The fact that the system of WUMT is very old and the biggest.And since the expansion of the system around the world has been gradual, and in each country has its own specifics upon receipt of payment.Now crooks are not standing still and are finding new ways of cheating.In this case, the bank will tell you that no one but your mom does not be able to get the money.

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