Access 2016 vba screenupdating

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Objects (such as forms and reports) and controls (such as command buttons and text boxes) have various event properties to which you can attach macros or procedures.

Each event property is associated with a specific event, such as clicking the mouse, opening a form, or modifying data in a text box.

For a simple operation, such as opening a report, you can use the Command Button Wizard to do all the work, or you can turn off the wizard and do the programming yourself.

Note: Many Microsoft Office programs use the term "macro" to refer to VBA code.

When you create a database that will be used by other people, you should try to avoid including programming tools that require the user to specifically grant trusted status to the database.

Your database can get complex if you add many macros or procedures to several event properties of many objects, but in most cases, you can achieve the results that you want by using very little programming.For example, suppose that you have created a form and a report, and you want to add a command button to the form that, when clicked, opens the report.Programming, in this case, is the process of creating a macro or VBA procedure and then setting the command button's On Click event property so that clicking the command button runs the macro or procedure.Security is an issue because VBA can be used to create code that either compromises the security of your data or can harm files on your computer.When you use a database that was created by someone other than yourself, you should enable VBA code only if you know the database comes from a trustworthy source.

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