Adult chat text

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They pay monthly, via paper checks as long as you hit the required two-thousand message minimum.

With any company/website or opportunity you are thinking of trying out, the best thing you can do is search for reviews. Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative comments and reviews.

All my Google searches displayed results from blogs and forum posts dated as far back as 2007. They also have another side to their business, but it has nothing to do with texting. In their own words, Text121 offers: I don’t know about you, but that last one is kind of scary.

I followed those posts as far down the rabbit hole as possible, but just about every one of them led to websites that were no longer working. As you can see, they offer other types of services, but mostly adult-oriented text messaging.

It turns out, there a few places that promise to pay you for sending text messages.

Unfortunately, most of the ones you might find are no longer around.

Of course, I'm probably not part of their ideal demographic.

Seeing as how texting has become the preferred way to communicate for just about everyone, it only makes sense that we would try to make money from it. I noticed a lot of searches around this topic lately, so I decided to dig in and see if it was possible.

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