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What you're seeing on the screen here is a collaboration I did with an artist named Lián Amaris.

What she did is very simple to explain and describe, but very hard to do.

So I'm an artist, but a little bit of a peculiar one. You probably don't really want to see my photographs.

These things are systems that are designed to unfold over time, to make us feel. I was trained as a composer, and about 15 years ago, I started making pieces that were designed to look at the intersection between sound and image, to use an image to unveil a musical structure or to use a sound to show you something interesting about something that's usually pictorial.

And so in 75 minutes, I can show you the history of Hollywood cinema.

And what it really shows you is the history of editing in Hollywood cinema.

I can run any footage of her through it and will center her eyes in the frame, and this sort of is a little double commentary about surveillance in our society.

We are very fraught with anxiety about being watched, but then we obsess over celebrity.

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