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Compared to most countries, internet rates in Ghana are quite cheap.

Even unemployed people can afford to buy the internet they need to run their scams.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have flooded the Ghanaian market with extremely cheap smartphones to the point that almost everyone in Ghana owns one.

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The most common websites used include, Christian, Baby Boomer People, Out, Plentyof, e, and Facebook.

Romance scams in Ghana have become quite rampant and a lot of people are falling victim to this vice.

There are plenty of young Ghanaian men and women who spend their days on Facebook and dating sites looking for divorced and widowed women and men on the other side of the world who they can scam.

This has led to many Ghanaians turning to scams as their source of income.

Some of the youth in Ghana see scamming as the only way they can make a living.

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