Altenative lifestyle dating

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Have you ever wanted to drop out of mainstream society and live differently?

Have you dreamed of not having to work, taking it easy, and meeting great people while enjoying the fruits of the Earth?

There are alternative lifestyles everywhere, just waiting for those who want in.

There are lots of adventures to be had on the hippie trail, from listening to old stories about the counterculture, to singing great songs by the fire, to escaping bad weather and storms with minimal gear and shelter.

If the farm is big enough, they may be happy to take on anyone willing to work hard, long hours, and learn quickly.

In my experience, living on a farm is not a leisurely way to get out of your typical routine.

They typically have a nice, balanced lifestyle with a mix of physical activity and downtime.

Wonderful people are coming through on a regular basis and you have a chance to meet many sweet souls.

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