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Why would someone running Windows consider this purchase, if they can get better components for less money elsewhere. But, I do not have a computer to play games, I have a computer to get work done, I am sitting 13 hours a day in front of my computer, zero hours of these doing gaming.

Is Apple really serious about taking market share away from PC companies? I really hope you're joking, Time Machine is not equivalent to something like System Restore.

My HTC Touch Pro 2 has only seen in almost 2 years just one update to WM 6.5, and it was not even close to the most current revision at that time. Boy, you don't even want to know what that machine will be able to do...

This just shows that carriers and manufacturers don't want to keep maintaining their phones. Someone give Android's UI and Playbook's UI huge recognition so Apple will change it's old grid-like UI. The i Pad two does have some shortcomings, few of which are worth going to to here.

For a split second I got exited because I thought it was Kevin Smith. Execp he talk about only using Avid because Fcp docent have a big enough time line. Lol The problem that has always existed, not just with Android, is that the carriers customize the OS, release it with a phone, and you can forget about getting any updates for it.

Maybe one update for the lifetime of the device, if you are lucky. I'm waiting for the 16GHz Mac Pro Super Duper Ultra Extreme.

It happened in 2002-2003 resulting in the top of the line machine introduced in August to drop 40% in price in January. ")because as we know, there's no end to the absurd lengths people will declare their rights trod upon. They differentiated themselves, gained enough marketshare and now want to clean up and tighten the ship down. The Apple fans trying to talk such folks down off the roof were right.

Dual 512MB n Vidia Ge Force 7900 GTX would be a nice start. So, getting a faster processor, or moving to a multiprocessor system, getting more RAM (reducing access to the HD) and getting e.g.

Otherwise, the accusation of overpriced computers will be appropriate. a RAID system will do much, much more for your performance than getting a better video card, except for those using certain high-end apps and gamers.

They want to sell and forget, and push a new model out the door. :( Correct - and that is what Apple realized and didn't allow and got bashed for. I went to my local store today and saw one in all its glory attached to a 30" ACD. But hey, haven't you heard, Honeycomb is a real tablet OS. ;) What you and every other non-informed are missing is the Xoom lack of apps is a not really a con for 2 reason. Unlike i OS, ALL APPS, in the android market scale to fit the 1280x800 screen. So I can still ENJOY my facebooke app on a larger screen. "optimized for tablets" gives me the same information just with a different interface. Unlike i OS i would argue that the xoom needs LESS apps to do functions that take i OS 3 or 4 apps to do. However, the OS of these devices IS crucial and we are beginning to see i OS creaking slightly.

It was VERY fast, system prefs launched in micro seconds, a meaty FCP project opened in less than 5 seconds same for Aperture & Logic, 1080p HD trailers were chewed and spit out using less than 10% of processing power. I played with a Quad G5 once and it sounded like a jet engine taking off. (Whatever the heck that means.) Google must have used that line in a Power Point somewhere because I see it regurgitated verbatim on every single i Pad vs. So long has my twitter app or facebooke or squeezebox app scale so i can see all. I dont need goodreader or the like because I have a native file system. In terms of looks and notifications, I get the notification thing, but I keep seeing some people talking about the look of the interface of IOS being dated and I don't get it. I don't want it changed just because some people are bored of looking at it.

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