Android gmail not updating inbox

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In my first experience synchronizing, it only caught 3 sub-folders on the 2nd level (I have about 8), and in each of those folders, it found 3 in one folder that I have over 40, and 8 in another folder where I have about 15. I will take Nuronv's second suggestion and go check out Moxier or Touchdown.

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You can categorize emails, list and manage contacts, do direct chatting and a lot more using the Gmail app. They have to open the app manually, refresh by sliding down the screen from the to see the new messages.While no official fix has been released, there are a few ways to try and workaround the known issues.Google had originally created Google Sync and Google Calendar Sync to synchronize Gmail accounts with Outlook.If the sync issues continue, you can stay up-to-date on the latest troubleshooting fixes from Microsoft and Google (See Resources). S degree in networking and one in software development and continues to develop programs and websites in addition to writing.Two dedicated forum threads list an array of solutions that have worked. Crowder has been a freelance writer on a variety of topics including but not limited to technology, education, music, relationships and pets since 2008.

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