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This study is important because it will help to understand the phenomenon of Arab women using internet. In addition, the importance of this study is to lead to deep investigation in the future in the area of Arab women using internet.

The study found that there are no big differences between the UAE women and Omani women in using internet.

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The questions of the study are as follows: 1- How Arab women use the Internet?There is also a lack in studies that cover the issues of women and technology, including the use of the Internet.2- The results and conclusions of the study and the facts that would help in understanding the use of the Internet by an important segment of the Arab Society, i.e. 3- This study would open new horizons for scientific research in the Arab society and the differences and similarities in women’s use of the Internet in the Arab World.Hence, this study would deal with Arab women and the Internet.The study focuses on two Arab countries, namely, The United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.

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