Are michael cera and charlyne yi still dating alanis morissette dating joey

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It’s a strange movie to talk about because first of all, people who see it without knowing anything just assume it’s all real and then you start questioning which parts might be fake.After watching it twice, I still have a hard time figuring out which is which. to New York and did a documentary, so everyone she interviews from the psychic on through was all real, but every time Charlyne and I would be in a scene, that would be fake, and every time Michael would be in a scene, it would be basically…Jasenovec: Yeah, because then we came back and we shot the entire relationship storyline, which was all scripted in two weeks.

We hadn’t quite figured out the style or anything like that so the footage looked much different than what we ultimately ended up with. CS: That was 2007, because I remember when they had “Superbad” here at Comic-Con and Charlyne showed up for that.I can understand why an actor might be better for the scripted parts but why did you need him on the road acting as the director of the doc then?Jasenovec: Really, it was all about creating a reality that carried over from the documentary to the scripted scenes, so we wanted a similar tone and feel and style, and we wanted there to be any jarring differences…Obviously, you were already friends and knew each other, but then trying to create a fake romantic relationship. Jasenovec: If I remember, I was like “What did he say?” and you were like, “Oh, I dunno” and she was like “I guess we have to find someone else,” so we literally started thinking, “Well, who else can we get to do it?

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