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Still, satire for kids is tricky business, especially when the target audience is still grappling with issues regarding truth and imagination vs. This fake rock ‘n’ roll world these young kids are thrown into makes for a creative premise, but often puts the stars a little too close to adult situations.

While Draper handles these issues carefully, it still feels a little icky when former Nick and Disney stars are plastered on tabloids for being, well, plastered.

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Moreover, the pair is open about their relationship and often shares pictures on their respective social media sites.

Well, the couple started dating from the March of 2017 after meeting a couple of times.

The fake stuff is that they formed a band in preschool, added their musical prodigy friends to the mix, made it big and burned out before Nat hit puberty.

The series picks up with the band enjoying success a second time around.

Former thirtysomething star Polly Draper makes a convincing argument that her offspring actually do have talent with the whimsical new series “Naked Brothers Band.” Draper and her musician husband, Michael Wolff, take the home-movie concept one step further by teaming with Nickelodeon to introduce to the world Nat and Alex Wolff, the front men of the Naked Brothers Band.Fully clothed and musically inclined, Nat (11) and Alex (8) are the undisputed stars of this mock rockumentary show.Plugged months in advance with an Internet push to rival that of “Snakes on a Plane,” the Naked Brothers Band already has swarms of young girls buzzing about the eponymous show.Similarly, the average salary of a director is ,220 per year.Honored to have won the Filmmaker of the Year Award at #ischiaglobalfest for my film #thecatandthemoon !

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