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Interracial relationships are spreading more and more every day.

In 2010, there were a total of 390,000 couples that consisted of a black husband and a white wife and a total of 488,000 couples consisted of a white wife and a husband of a race other than black, Asian and white. Is it okay to be completely racist and against a couple that is in love?

Interracial relationships have come a long way and are now more prevalent than ever before, especially in a city like Vancouver.

An increasingly globalized world has resulted in diverse and culturally tolerable societies, where men and women are looking past skin color, religion and race, when choosing their significant other.

However, this doesn’t hide the fact that interracial relationships are faced with an additional set of challenges that same-race relationships are not.

With the help of interracial and same-race couples alike, we have come up with a list of the pros and cons of being in an interracial relationship.

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This goes to show that a great percentage of Americans believe that interracial is not a bad thing, yet there is still those who don't believe in it.

Excerpt from BJU Disciplinary Rules There is to be no interracial dating: 1.

Students who are partners in an interracial marriage will be expelled. Students who are members of or affiliated with any group or organization which holds as one of its goals or advocates interracial marriage will be expelled. Students who date outside of their own race will be expelled.

Have you ever been walking down street and seen a couple of two different races?

Or even seen a child that looks like they're not just one race?

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