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Acclaimed for its in-depth insights into the process behind each piece the tattooists created, the show had various spin-offs including LA Ink, London Ink, and NY Ink.Year: 2013 – present IMDb rating: 6.7A title that instantly catches one's attention, this Discovery Channel show follows the lives of a man and a woman who must survive for 21 days on only the resources provided by their surroundings.The director thought viewers would be shocked if they could look at the real lives of American families.During filming, the parents’ got a divorce and the drama attracted 10 million viewers at the height of its popularity.The drama of the eccentric food critic Gordon Ramsay may haunt these kids for years to come.Year: 2005 – 2008IMDb rating: 6.7TLC's Miami Ink followed five tattoo artists who open a tattoo shop in South Beach.Year: 2004 – present IMDb rating: 6.8The show follows automobile designers Chip Foose and Chris Jacobs, who pick an unknowing car owner to get their vehicle “overhauled,” then spend a week completely redesigning that person’s old and tired antique car.Although it ran for five seasons on TLC, the show went on a four-year hiatus until it came back in 2012, only now airing on Discovery, where the show has remained since.

” (though a bombshell cheating scandal almost killed off the genre entirely).Whether you're someone who lives for the drama of reality TV or just considers it an occasional guilty pleasure, its dominance can't be understated.Today nearly four out of every 10 people watch some form of reality TV.Year: 2011 – present IMDb rating: 6.8Airing on Animal Planet, the show follows the operations of Las Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), which specializes in making fish aquariums.The business is owned by brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King, along with their opinionated and outrageous family and staff.

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