Assassins creed 2 updating launcher

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There are no strange pauses or anything else unusual.However I have a relatively fast and stable connection, so to simulate an Internet outage, I unplugged my ADSL line temporarily during normal gameplay to see what would happen.This is done by clicking the small cog icon in the top right corner of the Ubisoft Game Launcher window, as show below: 5.At this point the game launches and there is no further sign of DRM, nor any other requirements other than having to keep an active Internet connection.Ubisoft's new DRM appears to be relatively unintrusive and does not affect system performance or stability in any way.It does have the benefit of removing install limits and disc checks, and provides online storage of saved games.As noted earlier, these saves can be stored online or on your drive depending on your preferences.

Additionally, some screenshots are provided below to let you have a closer look at the game's image quality: While there are slight improvements and additional effects in AC2, in general the game looks very similar to the original Assassin's Creed, and performs around the same.

This number will then be linked to your Ubisoft account, which means you can login and play the game on any one machine at any time with no install limits.

Note that login can be made automatic the next time you launch AC2; you don't need to enter the username or password each time you launch AC2.

After around 5 seconds the following screen appeared: I then reconnected the ADSL line, and again within around 5 seconds the game resumed from exactly the same point at which I had been before.

The game also automatically saves itself regularly at various checkpoints to prevent loss of progress for whatever reason.

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