Blid dating

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Rejecting someone is awkward enough, but it's even more awkward if it's a friend of your friend who set you up.

Hopefully, friends don't have expectations when they set you up with people.

Blind anything doesn't seem right: blind test-taking? Meeting the right person is as difficult and important as finding things you love in life: favorite foods, best friends, favorite movies, etc.

Sure, at some point, all of these things had an element of the unknown—you had to see a movie or taste a food for the first time.

Best friends just happen-- shouldn't a girfriend or boyfriend just happen?

So have any of you had any blind dates that turned into a serious relationship?

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But after a while, you develop an idea for the types of movies or foods you like.

And how many best friends exist because someone said: Usually best friends are people we meet by circumstance and then share a number of experiences that bring us together.

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