Blogs about dating in forties

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I now lead workshops, coach individuals and groups and run How to Fall in Love and Women Who Roar retreats. Would you advise her to work harder at her career and to concentrate on her achievements?Or would you tell her to follow her heart, to stop and smell the roses, to walk through her fears, to stay true to herself and to cherish love and relationships first and foremost?About me: I love to write from the heart, to share the stories of inspiring men and women, to have a positive impact on those around me and to share my experience with the hope of helping others.I love to laugh, dance, exercise, enjoy Nature, share, explore and to go on adventures.

This blog is about authenticity, vulnerability, truth, change, blossoming, flourishing and thriving.What if we could help women choose a more loving path by sharing how we dealt with situations of grief, loss, ill health or heartache?What if your admission of an addiction or a health disorder prompts other women to seek help?‘From Forty With Love’ is an intermittent diary of my journey from 40 to 46 and beyond, a space for me to share the twists and turns of life and everything I’ve learned about love, relationships, self-care, spirituality, finding and following my path, understanding my heart’s true desires and accepting my circumstances as I’ve moved into and through “middle-age”.I began this blog as a 40-year-old single woman who fully expected to be a mother, who struggled to make a relationship last, who had a habit of choosing unavailable men, who lived alone in a flat in North London and who spent far too much time doing work that wasn’t aligned with my authentic self.

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