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p.m.: Welcome to The Hindu's live chat on HIV through contaminated blood transfusions. p.m.: In the last 17 months alone, 2,234 persons across India have been infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) while getting blood transfusions. p.m.: Leena Menghaney: we know that blood safety programme has many challenges including the fact that often relatives donate and the blood goes untested or there are gaps in the manner private blood banks function p.m.: Chapal: Considering the scale of the program this figure may be considered acceptable by some but I think the program itself would find these figures alarming because it points to trends . p.m.: Leena Menghaney: It is important that all those who test HIV are counselled and offered treatment p.m.: Comment From Anil This actually questions when we donote blood .. because we might get infected with HIV if we give blood with contaminated needles ... p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: It certainly is authentic data.However it only lets us know that transfusion of infections through blood exists, but that is a known scientific fact. p.m.: Chapal: Anil I don't think needles are reused .At least they are not supposed to be so donating blood should not infect people p.m.: Comment From Shemy Rasheed Transfusion is done in a new blood bag which has inbuilt needle. p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: We can donate without fear, as that does not impose any risk whatsoever of transfusion transmitted infections p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Needles are attached to the bag and cannot be reused p.m.: Comment From koushik Hello every one this is Koushik, who is responsible for this incident and what kind of reasons behind it.

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: I tend to agree with Leena to the extent that in some states, especially in government facilities, replacement donation happens.

p.m.: Chapal: I think the data points to some important limitations within our ability to prevent HIV .

Infected blood is something we should be able to control at all costs.

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Koushik, this is not an incident.

Blood transfusion is one of the known means of transmission of infections.

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