Bow wow dating keyonnah

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Keyonnah’s Delusion Score (out of 10): 8.6 — I mean, she kinda thought she was dating Bow Wow …Dee’s Delusion Score (out of 10): 9.9 — She doesn’t really get why Keyonnah doesn’t want to be with her. It’s Ant, in case you were wondering, not Larry Brown.Then “Bow Wow” picks a fight with Nev on text and says he has no time to meet Keyonnah, only to change his mind the next morning. They drive ten hours to Atlanta and roll up only to find out that Bow Wow is a butch chick named Dee.

At one point, Keyonnah says, “I feel stupid.” Nev counters, “Don’t forget this happened to me, too.” I think it’s the first time he’s verbally acknowledged it all season, though that fact is implicit in every episode.It’s not 0K or something even crazier, that only a one-percenter would have.The rest of Keyonnah’s “proof” is as follows: She messaged this Facebook fan page thinking it was Bow Wow officially.She got a response back immediately wanting her number, and soon they bonded over their young daughters.They do not Skype because of bad connections on Bow Wow’s end, but it doesn’t matter ‘cause this is Bow Wow, man.

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