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I took my turn to dig a little last June, figuring any book that John Clute considers "remarkable" was worth a look.I've left the original post up since it shows what hoops you can jump through and still come up with the wrong answer.Ella Scrymsour has been something of a mystery to researchers for many years.A relatively minor author, her work nevertheless falls into a number of categories where people keenly seek out information: science fiction, horror and crime.In 1881 John George was the Rector of Litchfield, Hampshire, and the family were living at the Rectory with his wife's sisters, Isabella and Edith and three servants. They must have divorced at some point because, at St. The couple had one daughter, Joanella Elizabeth Agnes Scrymsour Nichol, born in 1924.By 1891 John George had become Rector of Amptill, Bedfordshire, and chaplain at the Cross Hospital, Amptill. The Reverend Scrymsour Nichol later lived at The Red Cottage, Verulum Road, St. Charles John Scrymsour Nichol entered Queens' College, Cambridge in October 1890, achieving a B. George Hanover Square, in 1916, Nicholas Thorpe Mayne married Ella M. In 1920 Nicholas and Ella, now using the stage name Joan Thorpe-Mayne, travelled to Colombo, Sri Lanka, as part of the Warwick Comedy Company where they performed in Shaw's Arms and the Man in 1921. Following her husband's death, Ella moved to Our Lady's Dowry, Benenden, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where she lived between 1932-58.One of our heroes takes his Australian nurse home as his wife, and they find that the uncle, in his grief at their disappearance, has become a hermit and perfected his 900-foot aluminium aircraft, the Argenta.They take it up for a spin and then the world is destroyed.

Pippa reveals that Scrymsour was indeed her name, although there is a twist. John's Lodge, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, on 15 October 1870, the son of the Reverend John George Scrymsour Nichol (b. Gertrude, born in Bedford in 1872, was the daughter of Frederick (a retired Army Major) and Henrietta Kneebone. Charles John Scrymsour Nichol took to the stage and began using the name Nicholas Thorpe Mayne. Scrymsour Nichol entitled The Mystery of the North Pole from the same publisher in 1908.The mechanic goes out too soon and dies of the sulfurous gases of the upper atmosphere.Oddly enough, the basic data on Jupiter is about right—it is five times as far from the Sun as the Earth and our heroes realize that this would give it only 1/25 the solar radiation.Hetton, Durham, c.1845) who married Catherine Agnes Fawcett (b. His wife was also an actress and playwright, penning at least one one-act play, Curing Eliza as Gertrude Thorpe-Mayne as well as acting in it as Miss Gertrude Thorpe. Thorpe Mayne is credited with writing A Life's Love Songs, and other poems (London, Francis Griffiths, 1907) and the play Mary of England: A tragedy in four acts (London, Francis Griffiths, 1909). Thorpe-Mayne was also credited with the one act play The Love of Leslie Heseltine, performed at the County Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames, on 27 November 1909 and The Raffle-ing of Sherlock Holmes, a one act burlesque first performed as a curtain-raiser to Improper Peter at the Grand Theatre in Fulham on 17 March 1913. Could this have been written by his mother, Catherine Agnes Scrymsour Nichol? Scrymsour-Nichol she was listed in the telephone directory at Basque Close, Hastlingleigh, near Wye on the north downs of Kent, in 1926-28.Woodhouse, Leeds, Yorkshire, c.1830), a teacher, in 1870. In 1909 he was a founder-member of The Playwrights' Association, originally set up as The Unacted Authors' Association, although I can find nothing more than the initial announcement of their setting up and a mention in the 1910 Stage Year Book, in which N. By the time of the 1911 census, Gertrude (under her married name rather than her nom-de-theatre) was living in Bedford with her family and Nicholas was lodging in Westminster. In 1928, Charles John Scrymsour Nichol died, aged 57.

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