C maskedtextbox validating

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This property is similar to Mask Completed property with the exception that it also encompasses optional inputs specified in the Mask property.To compare these properties and to demonstrate their usefulness when it comes to validating, we will look at validating a phone number.Use this method to determine if the content of the Mask Text Box is valid.This method requires that a compatible type be set in the Valdiating Type property.Resulting Masked Text Box with Phone Number Mask: This property indicates whether the masked text box control raises the system beep for each user key stroke that it rejects.

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You can define your own custom mask or preferably select from a predefined set using the designer.Use the Masked Text Box to distinguish between proper and improper user input.By using a mask, you can specify the format of the input without custom validation.If the Validate Text fails it will return a Note: The Mask Text Box will automatically validate the text when it loses focus.This event occurs when the user’s input or assigned character does not match the corresponding format element of the input mask.

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