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(they does not work) During updating the Linux Mint on my father's PC I experienced an issue ... libasound2-dev, I get an error which looks like: The following packages have unmet dependencies: libasound2-dev : Depends: libasound2 (= 1.1.3-5) The interesting thing is ...I'd gone through this question but dirmngr isn't getting installed as i can't install dirmngr i am not able to install updates or upgrade my kali. I cannot seem to install any package at the app at the moment, it seems like the packages required for those apps to install are bad, I have searched and tried some solutions but those same packages ...Main Foundation: SKSE64 (it’s out of beta)USSEPSMIMSky UIAchievements mods enabler sse Cutting room floor Alternate start life (This gives you multiple roleplay options/scenarios)ORRealm of Lorkhan - Custom Alternate Start - Choose your own adventure(You can choose personal attributes and starting stats this way)In Game UI: A quality world map (make sure you disable in the skyui advanced settings)WITHFlat Map Markers SSE (if you plan on using the paper map vers.)ORPastel Map Markers (if you wont use paper map)AMatterof Time FISS SSESkyhud (with the new patch)Widget mod (theres a ported vers.On loverslab; you can also find a guide on there to instaliing Requiem for sse with converted files if thats your kind of thing. Custom UI Replacer (im using the ESO UI)Dear Diary - Journal Inventory MCM Paper Interface El Sopa - Animated Celtic Icons For Sky UI SEMain Menu/Loading screens: Immersive Old Map Main Menu Replacer (its what I prefer)ORMain Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem ORSimple Perfection Main Menu Background and Music Replacer(plus Addyour own)WITHUltimate Lore Loading Screen WITH(Optional) Replace Main Menu and Loading Screen Fog With Snow SEUnofficial High Definition Audio Project Lucidity Sound FX SSEAudio Overhaul for Skyrim SEImmersive Sounds - Compendium (w/ Patches)illy's High Quality Fire Audio - SE Edition Musical Lore (Soundtrack Mod By Nir Shor)Additional Music Project Fantasy Soundtrack Project SEMain menu music replacer Main Themes Combined ES 3 - 6 ORMain Menu music The Elder Scrolls Complete Mashup By Riftley (Honestly this one is more epic)Fixes: Havok Fix64Modern Brawl Bug Fix Private Profile Redirector SE - Faster game start (INI file cacher)Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes Shor's Anus (Sovngarde Sky ENB Fix) (Only if you plan on using enb)Patches for later: True Storms - Wet and Cold Compatibility RS Children Overhaul Cutting Room Floor Patcha Midian Born Blades Armor SSE Patch Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Patch Skyrim particle patch for ENBENB Light ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition Skyland - A Landscape Texture Overhaul Skyland - Imperial Forts and Dungeons Skyland - Towns and Villages Skyland Nordic Ruins Get Snowy Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants Fort Dawnguard HDMajestic Mountains Sovngarde HD 2k Soul Cairn HDSkyland - Ships and Shacks The Halls of the Greybeards - a High Hrothgar(OPTIONAL) El Sopa HD - Whiterun Streets Textures SENordic Snow (aka HQ Snow Texture)Wet and Cold Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2KStatic Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIMDesigns of the Nords SECC's Enhanced Ore Veins SSE Edition Just Ice sse Blended Roads Ruins Clutter Improved HD Road Signs - 2K and 4KWeathered Road Signs El Sopa HD - Grindstone SEEl Sopa HD - Bristleback SEBeautiful Honey Signs - 2K Overhaul - 1K Optional RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition Skyrim SE Improved Puddles Caves and Mines UHD HDRealistic Water Two WITHWater HDTamriel Retextured - HD Texture Pack Immersive Laundry Improvement ILIM by Pfuscher HD LODs Textures SEForgotten Retex Project Immersive Laundry4K Stars and Galaxies Better Pebbles Immersive Farms Footprints Covered Bridges of Skyrim El Sopa HD - Glorious Dummies SEEl Sopa HD - Unique Hand Made Signs Glorious Dwarven Metal Dwemer Ruins HDEnhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks)El Sopa HD - Vanilla Lanterns SEEl Sopa HD - Giant Mortar Texture SEEl Sopa HD - Realistic Dark Elf Urns SEUltimate HD Fire Effects SSEVoltage Dust Effects by HHaleyy Embers HDEl Sopa HD - Dirt Blast SEEl Sopa HD - Workbench SEPELTAPALOOZA - Special Edition RUGNAROK - Special Edition CC's HQ Alduins Wall HD Linens SERens HD Shrines RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION - Special Edition JS Dragon Claws SERUSTIC FURNITURE - SPECIAL EDITIONWEBS S. That'll change depending on just what size textures we install, as well as if we will use enb (this guide also include enb alternatives).TOOLS: MOD ORGANIZER 2 (I prefer this over all others due to its features and functions, along with how user friendly it can be compared to the amount of detail Vortex lacks).

Along with that, it's a good idea to test each script/weather/lighting overhaul mod every time you install one.If you feel there are worthy mods not on this list, feel free to let me know.To give players an idea with how this set up was made, my current specs: Nvidia Geforce 1050 TI OC 4GB VRAMIntel Pentium G4560 3.50GHz DDR4 2800 16gb ram240GB SSD1 TB HDD (This is where I keep SSE W/ its mods but of course an SSD will decrease loading screen time)*55GB typically needed for a modlist like mine*Skyrim is optimized well for vanilla so I always get smooth 60 FPS.So, this guide is purposed as a new modlist/guide that will be frequently updated for 2019 and onward!Consider it a taste-maker guide to all the quality and worthwhile mods worth downloading.

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