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So whenever the window is invalidated, it will erase what's on the window, then draw over it.

as you will momentarily see the blank window between updates.

But here is my input based on some common mistakes I'm seeing in your code: #1 Using 'Get DC' locks the window's DC and it stays locked until you release the DC with 'Release DC'.

Failure to do this can cause very strange drawing behavior on some systems, and can lead to other issues like memory leaks.#2 You should only have the window DC 'gotten' for the shortest time necessary to draw.

You should not Get DC once and then hang onto the DC for the life of the program.

The longer you have the DC 'gotten', the longer the OS has to have it locked.#3 Windows will send a WM_ERASEBACKGROUND message prior to sending a WM_PAINT message.

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