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The conglomerate and sandstone of Mudeck Formation probably formed in the Early Cretaceous and is overlain by fossil-bearing shale.There is an unconformity between the crystalline basement rock and the Mudeck Formation.In the south, it is referred to as the Ntem Group and contains gneiss, granite and charnockite.The CAMZ also dates to the Archean and includes mica schist, migmatite gneiss with plagioclase and migmatites intruded by quartz, granodiorite and diorite.Geologists have dated ring complexes to as far back as 66 million years ago or as recently 30 million years ago and they may represent heavily eroded remnants of earlier volcanoes, that intruded through metamorphic basement rock into early Cenozoic sediments.Known as Granites Ultimes, these ring complexes extend over a span of 1000 kilometers parallel to the Cameroon Volcanic Line, which stretches from the interior of Africa to Pagalu in the Gulf of Guinea.

Local cement plants exploit limestone deposits at Figuil and there is some marble close to Bidzar in the north. Cameroon has small oil and gas reserves, extracted near Victoria on the north coast, as well as offshore on the Mokoko-Abana Oilfield.This is DJI's most rugged, reliable, and versatile commercial aircraft to date.The geology of Cameroon is almost universally Precambrian metamorphic and igneous basement rock, formed in the Archean as part of the Congo Craton and the Central African Mobile Zone and covered in laterite, recent sediments and soils.Mount Cameroon is the southernmost volcano on the continental extent of the line and has erupted within recent years.There are no sedimentary rocks in central Cameroon and they are only present in the north and south.

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