Cassie and ryan leslie dating

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Guided by Leslie, Cassie emerged among the fastest rising R&B acts of that year. Billboard Hot 100’ in 2006 and stayed in top forty for around 20 weeks.

Her debut single, ‘Me & U’, written and produced by Leslie, was released on April 25, 2006, as the lead single of her eponymous first album, ‘Cassie’ (2006). It became a club hit in Germany and emerged among the biggest records in Atlantic Records’ history.

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Her father’s name is unknown and her mother’s name is Stacey Hobson.

Ryan also signed her to Next Selection Lifestyle Group. After dating for a long time, the duo finally separated in March 2007. And, there were rumors of the two datings together.

There was even an engagement buzz between the couple in August 2012. Diddy’s wife Hylton-Brim was happy for Cassie and Diddy as reported by Christian Post.

She uploaded her pictures with Alex on the internet in December 2018 in Diddy’s response (when he had sent his pictures to Cassie).

Cassie is an American singer, model, actress, and dancer.

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