Catchy dating email subject lines

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Here are three simple steps you can follow to create an allusion-based subject line: Choose only those words, slogans and proverbs that relate to your target audience not to sound confusing.

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Do not hesitate to include jokes in your subject lines — just be careful about controversial or sensitive issues. The brand is “flirting” with their subscribers saying that the offer inside the email is even hotter than a summer fling, and it’s absolutely appropriate considering that their audience is mostly ladies.

Double your sales with a fun offer to share your products with friends.

Starbucks invited everyone to celebrate Friendsgiving and order breakfast sandwiches for two: a customer themselves and their friend.

Cook company paid attention to that simple fact and based their email subject line on it.

They asked not to throw away the pumpkin and offered supper pumpkin recipes in their Halloween email campaign.

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