Cheaters tv show dating website

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I suppose that is to be expected from a program that provides enough entertainment value to withstand 14 years on air.The website looks like it must have some sort of cult following.The reality is that Cheaters television program has multiple vehicles, staff and equipment equivalent to a large-scale FBI investigation.Since the program is for TV, money is no object and that is not reality for most private investigators and their clients. I know people love this part when viewing from the comfort of their couch, but this is not the case in the real world.In the real world we do not have security present to prevent someone from seriously injuring the other or worse.In fact, the last thing any investigator in their right mind would do would be to alert the client when and where the suspected activity is happening real time.

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We make our living at this profession and to have our license to practice revoked means no way to pay the bills.

Of course, the person requesting the investigation has to pay for it and when they find out how much it costs and how much resources are used to have two, three, or even four investigators on the job, they can suddenly be happy with just the one.

You may never see this on television at all and certainly not on the Cheaters TV show, but if you have one investigator following suspected cheaters (AKA suspects and companions) it is difficult to actually outline all of the things that can go wrong.

Some of what I heard made me envious of other investigators and other things I heard concerned me.

The series has been running for fourteen years straight, so clearly they are doing something right in television world.

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