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This left me with just 49 that had Dmoz Scrub the Web Directory World So Much Jayde R Directory net T Section Free Website Directory Wwwi Vie Search 1 Abc Business Seek Cipinet Directory My Link Directory Fire Pro Link Directory Pedsters Planet Amray Gain Web Link Book The Web Directory Scrabble Stop Submission 4u Suggest URL Elite Sites Directory Inteligentd Linkpedia 1 Webs Directory 9 Sites Synergy Directory Wikid Web 247 Web Directory Pi Series PR3 Plus Nexus Directory The Net Directory Linkdir Best Free Websites Suggest Site Nipao Sighber Cafe Digg Directory 10 Directory Vision Web Directory Xysyst SEO Free Links Dir4uk PR Web Link Royal Link Up Aditya Webs Directory Books Leading Link Directory Answer Spots SEO Up Link Good Useful Links Vision Web SEO UK Listingz Web Apps Directory Find Website Local net uk 1uk links.submission419247pr310dir4uk I hope this list is helpful to your own backlink building efforts IMPORTANT UPDATE: This was one of the first ever posts I published on this blog.

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But you didn’t submit your site on those search engines.And submitting to the free directories in this list was actually the first ever active link building exercise I did.I chose to do this first because it can take months to get your submissions approved.Their submission services submit your URL to a wide variety of search engines.Free search engines submission service submits your site URL to 20 search engines, the submission taking less than a minute.

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