Conception dating ultrasound

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absolutely 100% confidence that you did not conceive on January 14th. Breathe a big sigh of relief and close that chapter completely. There is ZERO chance that there could be a 2 week error at this stage of pregnancy. Sorry I was just looking at the thread and see that I missed one of your questions asking for a link to the reliable research.I'm glad that it's worked out like this for you. Great, I just gave you the best correct answers as clearly as possible. I'll be happy to help you with any thing that comes up during pregnancy as well. Usually I get an e-mail telling me you are waiting with a question but I don't recall getting an email about that.I did have a period that started somewhere between the 6-8 of January.I had sex on the 14th and took the morning after pill on the 16th.SO far things seem fine, looking good for guy 2 and a healthy pregnancy but one more check with ultrasound in 1-2 weeks will be much more to go on.Please click accept and follow-up questions are always welcome.I then thought I had my period on jan 22-25th (normal for me is 5-7 days)...could this just have been withdrawal bleeding or is it likely that this was actually my period? For 1-2 months after taking the morning after pill, your bleeding will be off and it will not be possible to be sure whether it was just withdrawal bleeding or a true period.Based on the starting day of your early January period, it is more laikely that all the bleeding you had in January after the Plan B was just withdrawal bleeding from the medication. The morning after pill most likely delayed the release of the egg to later in the month.

Women in situations where paternity is being contested will need to use technology that will stand up in court.

Please click accept so I get credit for checking into this and above conversation. It showed me at 6 weeks 6 days with a heart beat that went up to 136.

Happy to answer any more follow-up questions you have for the rest of the day as my time permits. Would you be confident in saying that now we can be 100% sure that conception happened after the 29th of January and impossible to have happened after the Jan 14th encounter?

Testing requires your blood draw and the father you want to either exclude or include.

Testing requires that you be further along in the pregnancy however.

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