Consolidating audiobook files in itunes

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In this section there is a drop-down menu for "Media Kind" which you can use to select between Music, Video, Podcast, Audiobook, TV Show, i Tunes U, and other options for the file.

For the audiobooks, select the "Audiobook" option and the files should now show up in the Books section of i Tunes as audiobooks.

Instead of keeping them with the rest of your books, i Tunes may put them in the music section, along with all your other music.

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Because of their format similarities, you can get your audiobooks to be recognized as such in i Tunes by first converting them to AAC format, and then renaming the files and re-importing them to i Tunes.You can buy audiobooks from Apple to add to your collection, but maybe you already have a bunch of audiobooks on CDs that you want to import into your i Tunes library. However, while importing them is easy, organizing them is another matter. After you have imported the final CD for your audiobook, you can view the entire book in your Music library, either by browsing to it alphabetically by author or by peeking in the Recently Added section.By default, audiobooks are dumped into your Music library instead of your Audiobooks library, and i Tunes often fails to apply the right album art to your imported audiobooks. Now comes the challenge of fixing any problems and organizing the entire book.Another way to get i Tunes to recognize song files as audiobooks is to use the "Options" section of the file's information window (Thanks to Mac Fix It reader "Olivier" for this contribution).Select the file in i Tunes and press Command-I (you can also do this with multiple songs selected), and then click the "Options" tab in the resulting information window.

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