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The best balance transfer offers, like our top cards below, can provide 15 months or more of 0% APR on transferred balances, giving you more than a year to pay down your credit card debt interest-free.

See More Balance Transfer Cards With some interest rate offers, particularly those offered by store cards, you may be subject to something called deferred interest.

Since default card APRs are often 15% or more, those fees can start to add up quickly if you have a large balance left over.Thanks to all of the extra fees and taxes, those who leave their job with an outstanding 401(k) loan are more than eight times more likely to default on the loan than borrowers in general.So, if your 401(k) loan goes south, you could end up in more debt (and with worse credit) than you had when you only had credit card debt on your plate.Even if churning isn’t an issue, the ease and convenience of credit cards — and their double-digit APRs — have gotten many consumers into more debt than they can handle.Using a balance transfer or personal loan to pay off high-interest credit card debt can be a simple way to reduce your interest rates and make the pay-off process a little easier.

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