Consolidating your windows vmware environment storage

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To access these services, VMkernel port can be configured on ESXi server using a standard or distributed v Switch.

Without VMkernel, hosted VMs cannot communicate with ESXi server.

It has many benefits such as sharing and consistency, storage efficiency, and secure subscription.

Virtual SAN is a software-defined storage first introduced in v Sphere 5.5 and is fully integrated with v Sphere.

Virtual Volume a new VM disk management concept introduced in v Sphere 6.0 that enables array-based operations at the virtual disk level.

VVol is automatically created when a virtual disk is created in a virtual environment for a VM.

It aggregates locally attached storage of ESXi hosts which are part of a cluster and creates a distributed shared solution.

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Virtualization lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine which is called ESXi host.

separate VMKernal adapter should be created and configured.

A logical configuration on the switch port to segment the IP Traffic where each segment cannot communicate with other segments without proper rules mentioned is called VLAN and every VLAN has a proper number called VLAN ID.

It is similar to traditional v Motion, in Storage v Motion, a virtual disk of a VM is moved from datastore to another.

During Storage v Motion, virtual disk types think provisioning disk can be transformed to thin provisioned disk.

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