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Assuming you want to get two or three notches, and assuming that two-thirds of your girls are going to flake out on you, this means that you need to have three girls lined up every day.

International Dating Sites are great fun, you will learn a great deal about the culture, and you will get some real action on these hookup sites.

He can look at maps to pick a centrally located apartment.On these hookup sites, you should have good conversions.There will always be the girls you just don’t click with, girls that don’t speak English, or girls that you simply run out of time with.Of course, if you go on ten dates and only bang two girls you might want to work on your date game - but this is making the assumption that you might take a couple of nights off, see some friends or tourist sites, etc.Life happens: But realistically, if you want three notches you should probably prepare for at least six or seven dates; a 50% batting average certainly isn’t bad.

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