Dancing stars chelsie hightower louie dating

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Her family didn't have much money to spare, but her mom paid the audition fee.

“And I think it’s easy once you kind of get off the path to forget those feelings. I think that’s why they constantly talk about remembering in the scriptures. It kind of freaked me out and made me realize that I was much further away from the gospel than I should be.

While visiting New York City in early 2013, Chelsie Hightower attended an LDS sacrament meeting where she heard a man's conversion story.

It made her reconsider the importance of her career.

Biography Chelsie Hightower’s bio provides overview of her dance history and her accomplishments as a dancer.

You can view her pictures and watch Chelsie’s videos on Dancing with the Stars. Chelsie was born July 21, 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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