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We decided to work on other projects for this time around.The whole experience was really empowering for me, feeling like it could just be Bitch, me out there in the world in my big, bold, bitchy way. There’s some songs on there like “Punctuation,” that’s a song about an old, old girlfriend that’s just been in my head for years.We always had an agreement that we would never block each other’s creative expression, no matter what. Is it easier to write when you’re out of your own element? Getting out of my element is good for me to record. I did that around the woodstove at Ferron’s place in the middle of a snowy winter. I think people in general are supportive of change, even though they’re horrified by it at the same time. Somebody wants to know if you still keep in touch with Animal. AE: What else do you have planned in terms of this album? It’s two women, one plays keyboard and sings and the other plays drums and sings.AE: So what’s behind the name B: There’s many entendres in that word. I could figure out all sorts of different things to say. I feel like the recording part is hard for me if I’m trying to juggle other things. It was kind of an experiment for me in the whole phenomenon of social networking and being in direct contact with your fans. I guess any time somebody changes their whole image it’s like a symbol of rebirth in away, if that doesn’t sound too gay. It must be weird after people have known you for so long looking a certain way. I’m just about to release a “Meet the Band” video too. They are designed to shuffle into people’s i Pods, 20 to 30 seconds or less. Bitch is a musician whose performances have always been more well known than her personal life, until she began dating Daniela Sea. We talked with Bitch about the process of writing the new album, what inspires her and why she finally shed herself of her famous dreads. AE: I was listening to some of your new tracks on your album, and one of the first things I thought was it seems like it’s almost upbeat in a way, but at the same time it’s almost more of a sad album. For some reason, you get me alone and I just get morose. What was inspiring for you about breaking up with someone that would then turn into songs? Was it the first time you’ve gone through something like this while writing an album? I’ve rarely written songs that are from a happy place. I feel like in my Bitch & Animal days I wrote a lot of songs from a happy place.

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AE: Do you think there are any misconceptions people have about you? I’ve always loved comedy, and definitely my Bitch & Animal material was very comedic, but a lot of times people say, “I can’t believe how funny you are! ”AE: Maybe people have a tendency to think that people who like poetry are very serious and don’t have a sense of humor.AE: Is there a reason you decided to do this as Bitch instead of Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion this time around?B: Yeah, the Exciting Conclusion just had different goals for this album.There were single moms and senior citizens and people my age, and all different cultural backgrounds. At the same time I was involved at the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley. And I played in a band called the Gr’ups—we’re actually doing a reunion in the spring, which is really cool.That was a punk band out of Gilman, and we toured in Europe and the U. I did some street theater stuff, and I traveled with a Polish circus, and I just really lived a pretty different life than what I grew up seeing around me.

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