Dating a geek dating site toronto canada

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They are often being portrayed as wimpy, unmanly, pushovers, and socially awkward.

People who read a lot and learn a lot about the world that surrounds them tend to be smarter.

Or if you are using online dating maybe you are using the wrong type of dating sites and dating apps.

Not all dating sites work the same way or attract the same type of people.

On the contrary, I know some nerds who are very well versed and interested in many things.

If you want to find someone with similar interests try looking at places you personally find interesting.

Today the term geek is often used as an insult and is somewhat derogatory.

Geeks are often deeply passionate about activities that are very niche.

The TV shows and Hollywood movies often portray things in the wrong light.

They use the nerdy and geeky types to make fun of them and present them as funny cartoon characters.

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