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The sickle clasped in its right talon symbolizes peasants, while the hammer is for workers and the crown on its head stands for the middle class.Like many older symbols, the Austrian shield (on the eagle’s chest) has no established symbolic attributions, although it is sometimes said that the white stands for the shining waters of the Danube River.On paper, these two should not get along, yet they can often be seen spending time with one another. and Australia, which often stand together at times of war.If one sibling is going through a hard time, his brother is right by his side, helping him. During a 1963 White House visit by Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies, President John F.Converting everything from the British system of units to the metric system—especially Fahrenheit to Celsius—required constant brainpower., the United States is 51.3 percent Protestant, 23.9 percent Catholic, and 4 percent claim they are “none.” Australia, on the other hand, is 25.8 percent Catholic, 27.4 percent Protestant, and 18.7 percent consider themselves to be in the category of “none.”On one occasion, while exploring the States, I was approached by someone who asked, “Do you know Jesus?” The person who started the conversation then tried to offer me a small pamphlet promoting his religious beliefs, which I politely refused. Our laid-back attitude applies to religion, which is a topic not widely discussed.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work! Legend has it that King Henry VI granted him that shield because the duke’s tunic was drenched in blood, except for the white area beneath his belt, after the Battle of Ptolemais in 1191 in the Holy Land.

The waitress asked if I would like it with chicken.

Neither are there numerous billboards promoting “Christian” values or the false “Jesus.”Both nationalities, however, do take Christ’s name in vain or use euphemisms constantly.

Australia’s religious apathy is also reflected in its television programming, where swearing and sexual references are commonplace, even in primetime viewing—much worse than in the U. One of the things that I find most amusing between the two countries is the way that each uses language. ” Some other differences are that Australians say “boot,” where Americans say “trunk,” “petrol” instead of “gas,” “mobile phone” in place of “cellphone,” “potato gems” instead of “tater tots,” and “capsicums” for “bell peppers.”In addition, food is often fattier in America.

One thing you must never forget when in the United States is to leave a tip!

Paying gratuity for service, especially for a meal, is common practice.

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