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Bogwood is a form of timber unique to the ancient peat bogs of Ireland.

The specific acidic conditions of the peat bog helped preserve giant trees that formed the great oak forests of Ireland thousands of years ago.

Dendrochronology has shown some pieces of bogwood to be over 4000 years old. An elaborate and specialised vocabulary grew up around bog timber, and its many uses and associated crafts.

This is a scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree rings also known as tree growth.

This bog oak was retrieved from a bog in East Galway and samples were deemed suitable for testing. Brown of the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeocology at Queen's university.

Having completed a sculpture entitled “Thank you to the Choctaw”, (which is now part of Ireland's great hunger museum) Kieran decided to send an off-cut of this sculpture to Queen's University Belfast to be dated.

The dating of trees is referred to as Dendrochronology.

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