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Amongst the first of these were a series of designs inspired by the artwork discovered in Tutankhamen's tomb, which can be fairly said to represent the beginning of the art deco pottery movement.Other popular designs included stylised dragons, birds, and a series of Oriental-inspired patterns of which New Mikado and Chinoiserie were the most popular.This series continued in unbroken production into the 1960s, although later designs were progressively simplified to reduce the high cost of hand-painting.

Its earliest works included typical decal and hand-painted table-ware in a range of mostly floral patterns as well as items inspired by Wedgwood and other respected potters.

During the early 1900s they became a supplier of "crested ware" for the tourist market.

During the 1920s the company introduced new methods of production where the decal and hand-painting work was applied to high-glaze substrates.

The trademark "Carlton Ware" was introduced in 1894, and the company's factory was renamed the Carlton Works.

In 1911 the business partnership between Wiltshaw and the Robinsons was dissolved, leaving Wiltshaw to form a new limited company called Wiltshaw and Robinson Limited.

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