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That’s what I was trying to do.” Alexandra chose the Internet because she was tired of all the different lesbian scenes and felt she’d have a better chance of meeting someone new online.

“What else am I going to do—go to Henrietta Hudson, where the girls are barking at each other, or Starlight, where everyone’s 21 and looks like a recent Sarah Lawrence grad who’s going to lecture you on semiotic theory?

“I didn’t want to rush,” says Alexandra, “because I had a feeling I’d met someone important.

The cutest and the sexiest lesbian babes demonstrate their passionate nature having steaming sex with other females.

Lots of my gay guy friends use Tinder for dating and Grindr for sex, while I don't know anyone on Her that's there just for sex, but I know girls that look for lesbian hookups on Tinder.

’ ” If Alexandra didn’t like the picture, she’d e-mail to say she didn’t feel a connection. “She’s a very voluptuous young Phyllis Diller type with a booming voice.

A media executive who is athletic and peppy with clear blue eyes, she went online with a positive attitude and a belief that she was going to find the right person. “She changed her dating strategy, and six months later, she was engaged.

I say she ‘chef-ed’ her life, like making a chef’s salad.

The gay guys set up and manage profiles for their lesbian friends on Her, while the women set up and manage Grindr accounts — and they couldn't be more different.

I mean, I would hasten to add that they aren't necessarily equivalents.

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