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They do exist, but each relationship is different of course.

The point is that if the trust is broken, you will both suffer from the effects of mistrust, jealousy, and paranoia in the relationship resulting in unhappiness and possibly the end of the whole thing.

Before even trying, you ought to make certain that the relationship isn’t already doomed.Cooperate with him and don’t latch on and start begging and sobbing. As said before, no two relationships are identical, but the best approach is generally sitting down and having a mature discussion about the relationship and how it can be fixed.Using reason will be more effective than theatrics, so try to keep your composure.They may come to believe that you’re too hard to be with, and decide to move on. If he’s willing to meet you again to talk, that’s a good start.It could take some time for him to forgive you, so if he doesn’t yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s through.

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