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The top 5% of guys will get I'm an attractive young white guy living in Bangkok.

Yes I get a ton of matches on Tinder, however getting them to actually meet in person is not that easy.

The misconception comes from that famous Chris Rock joke/truism that 10% of guys do 90% of the fucking.

Me and friends compared conversations with the same girl.

This is a forum to talk about finding love in Asia.Difference is that I can actually afford splurging money in Thailand3 none of the girls directly implied sex, although one agreed to meet me in phuket, so it's implied she can stay with me on the hotel This advice is completely off.From OP's number of matches I am going to guess he is a highly attractive guy.If you're looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend then we hope you will register and share your experiences with us.To register sign up for a FREE account here - it only takes a moment.

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