Dating landing page templates definition dating player

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I have made many variations of this landing page, but I thought it would be fun to share one of the versions I was actively running to give you an idea of the modifications you can do to the template above if you get creative with it.

As well as each the features from the Startup Plan, here’s what you’ll get with the Etison Suite: All of these features make Click Funnels one of the most extensive sales funnel and landing page building applications out there.The code is the same as what David originally provided, but I did clean up the tab spacing a bit to make it easier to read and edit.You can see the template features a nice big headline, a smaller headline, a few paragraphs of info (including a countdown timer if you want to use it) and then the questions that setup the final section with a nice big call to action.I was profitable on my campaign direct linking, but decided to try to increase my ROI with a landing page.Once I started using a survey lander, my results were even better.

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