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If you get one though, multiple-entry business visas are valid for four years.

They said yes, so I looked at a map for places with a similar time zone and ended up in Buenos Aires.” She did her three months of work for her old company, then decided not to come back.

Buenos Aires is a major tourism magnet, but that’s just the beginning in a country that has more land than Mexico or Indonesia—but with a much lower population density.

The good news is, it’s relatively cheap here, especially if you’re earning dollars or euros somewhere else.

There are seasides, cities and farms in the middle, down to glaciers and freezing cold in the jumping off point to Antarctica. That’s because there are two exchange rates in Argentina’s fragile economy: the official rate and the “blue rate” you can get on the street from money changers.

Once you get settled in, prices can be very reasonable, especially if you have a way of bringing in lots of U. The latter is typically 20% to 30% better than the official one and both are printed in the local newspapers.

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