Dating reading between lines

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Those of you who read this space often already know I consider each new day a blessing worthy of celebration.Life is an awesome privilege, and my best word to anyone on any day is this: “Live like you mean it! Rebekah Alexander – a junior – was a serious scholar engaged in a broad classical humanities curriculum.I said that I didn't know, but I hoped so, and she responded the same.Everything seemed great until literally the final hour or so of the morning of our departure, where she started saying a bunch of stuff about how I should try and forget her, and that she would see me if I was out by her but nothing more.

Because it was on this day back in 1977, forty years ago today, that Rebekah and I met up on the steps on front of her dorm at Stetson University, smiled a little self-consciously at one another, and headed out on our first date! I, on the other hand, had essentially squandered my high school education before traveling the world for two years.

Results are discussed in terms of (1) practical implications for detecting deception in online profiles; and (2) theoretical implications regarding the impact of media affordances (i.e., asynchronicity and editability) on the occurrence of linguistic cues to deception.

One woman is a stunning performer with a dating profile of pretty pictures and reads like a Cosmo Magazine. As in this wonderful real womans case, once she let down her protective entertainers shield, ….disappointingly to the men searching for magic, …she was another “real” woman. There was no way she could compete with her own profile photos either.

I was a freshman, learning how to be a student for the first time, and taking psychology classes because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Meeting Rebekah did a number of amazing things for me.

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