Dating saladmaster grater

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Today, Saladmaster provides stainless steel cookware used in these cooking class demonstrations, which have proven to be an effective way of teaching people easy, practical ways to fight diet-related diseases with the power of nutrition.

There is no better reflection of Saladmaster’s tagline, We Change Life, than the collective efforts of our team members with the GK777 initiative.

In 1946, the Saladmaster brand began in the home of Mr. It was called the Saladmaster, and it offered a new, time-saving technique for slicing fruits and vegetables for salads.

That product, of course, became internationally known and the namesake for a business that transformed the way the world cooks. Lemmons’ sales force grew from just three people to more than 100.

However, I'm guessing it's not nearly as confusing for me as it is for the people who live with me.When stainless steel cookware was introduced in 1952, Saladmaster developed a series so durable and strong, nothing on the market compared – which was exactly what customers were asking for.We’ve continued to strengthen our product over the years, and even so, some of our earliest cookware is still being used today in the kitchens of second- and third-generation families.GK777 stands for “Gawad Kalinga” – translated it means “to give care.” This care is delivered in the form of new homes for the homeless and food for the hungry in communities throughout the Philippines. GK777 is about restoring dignity to people who have lost hope.It’s about building a local community, and in turn, building a community that crosses borders.

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