Dating vintage jewelry

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The following year he appointed Victoire de Castallane to head up jewellery design, and she produced most of the famous Chanel pieces that are so collectable and continue to inspire today.

She was employed from 1984 until 1998, an amazingly creative period.

If you know Chanel well it is easier to spot a fake - the weight must feel substantial, the workmanship is of the highest class, and the signature must be authentic (see below).

On either side of the CC logo are the the two digit date and the one letter Season (P for Spring/Printemps, A for Autumn/Automne).This First image shows that sometimes the signature plaque was attached directly to one of the pearls rather than added as a hangtag.1990 - 1991 The dating system changed yet again in 1990.A signature plaque was added that featured 'CHANEL' bracketed by the copyright and registration marks.For the first time the CC logo was added, together with 'MADE IN FRANCE.' 1981 - 1985 Until this point, no dates had been used on the signature plaques, but in 1981 the date began to be added as a four digit number on the bottom of the plaque.

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