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It can be difficult to collect a complete deck because since cards generally see a lot of use over the years there will be some cards which have been destroyed or lost.

Collecting single examples of antique playing cards is possibly the easiest way to begin collecting.

2,700 black and white illustrations, 324 color illustrations." If you are a collector of playing cards you will, of course, want a copy for yourself. Another book I'd recommend getting your hands on is Catherine Perry Hargrave's A History of Playing Cards: And a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming.

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Placing a monetary value on an old deck of playing cards is exactly like placing a monetary value on any antique or collectible.

I recently received an auction catalogue from a German firm which listed a number of such decks (very old, very desirable) with estimated values of one, two, three thousand euros and more.

Your deck probably isn't worth that; but then, I can't say.

Among the oldest known card decks is the “Marmalukes of Egypt,” a set marked with swords, cups, coins, and polo sticks.

Cards arrived in Europe sometime in the late 14th century, likely passing through the major port of Venice.

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