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A domestic violence protection order will be granted in your case if the judge determines that domestic violence has occurred and will likely occur in the future unless a protective order is in place.The safety and well-being of the child, also called the best interests of the child, is the primary consideration in any child custody case.A protective order requires the abuser to stop abusing, threatening, or contacting you.It may also require the abuser to do other things, such as participate in counseling or vacate your home.Oklahoma law defines domestic violence as actual physical injury, sexual assault, or threats to physically injure or assault a household member.For purposes of the domestic violence law, a household member includes current and former spouses, roommates, and relatives by blood or marriage. If you or your child is a victim of domestic violence, you can get help, including victim resources and shelter information, through the Oklahoma Coalition on Domestic Violence.

If one parent has a history of violence, that parent may have restrictions placed visitation rights.A single episode of unreported domestic violence that took place more than ten years ago may not prevent an abusive parent from sharing custody.Ultimately, the best interests of the child, determined based on all of the facts and circumstances, are the basis for custody decisions.Domestic violence can leave lasting scars on a family, especially if children are involved.If parents are arguing over child custody, the judge will consider any past incidents of domestic violence.

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