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“I don’t really remember who did what to whom,” Dean admitted.

“Judy gave us some pills after popping a few herself.”Other conquests included sultry singer Eartha Kitt and Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton.

We were like soul brother and sister.”He called her “my voodoo priestess”.

Dean rejected Hutton’s offer to become her kept toy-boy living in the lap of luxury. “I can never belong to anybody, even myself.”East Of Eden would make him a superstar in 1955 but he could not escape his volatile insecurities.

His Porsche flew 50 feet into the air, somersaulted and crashed into a telephone pole.

He died with a broken neck, his forehead and chest caved in.

“Hudson is nothing but a piece of ****.” But fame undermined Dean, said his friend William Bast: “It was a disintegration, a splintering of an to whom,” Dean admitted.

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And the star of Giant and East Of Eden was an equal-opportunity lover indulging in flings with Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Steve Mc Queen, Rock Hudson and Spencer Tracy.

Kitt confessed: “Our love for each other just happened.

I became his confidante and I taught him about stage presence.

Famed for playing the troubled outsider, Dean drew from his own pained childhood.

“He was barely nine when his mother died and his father was disinterested,” says Porter.

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