Economics dating relationships

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Courtship before the access to easy transport meant you might only meet a select few potential partners, introduced through a network of family and friends.

The intended aim of dating apps, as with the role of cars in courtship, is to expand the dating pool.

Although there’s some criticism about apps like Tinder increasing promiscuity, cars in the 1920’s were dubbed “sin wagons” for the same reason, so at least it’s nothing new….

I’d like to compare this to the job market and who is defined as “unemployed”.

A person who is defined as “unemployed” in the job market only constitutes those who are out of any work but are actively looking.

After years of a selective one-child policy which favored males and sometimes resorted to female infanticide, there is a great disparity between male bachelors in search of wives.

From an economic standpoint, the population scarcity of eligible women in “supply” within the marriage market gives females greater negotiating power.

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